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Attic Ventilation - Critically Important

Ventilation Options

Easily, the most frequently ignored aspect of a solid roofing system, ventilation.    Nothing positive will happen to your roof, and your entire home, without a working attic ventilation plan.

Ridge Vent

With everything off the roof, as required by local building codes, you can see the "blocking" required by proper installation of a ridge vent system..   

Ridge Vent

A passive system that is ideal for any home if there is sufficient in-take of air through vented soffit material.

Solar-Powered Attic Vents

How cool is this?   Solar-powered attic vents that are easy to install and last 5x longer than electric vents.

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Professional roofing contractors in Mobile know the importance of balanced attic ventilation in Mobile due to our high humidity.    Let's review your ventilation needs before you finalize your roofing plans.

Why Ventilation Is Important

Keeping the air moving is important in attic ventilation and many "other applications." 

Keeping the air moving also reduces humidity and reduces the opportunity for mold and other issues.

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