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Well-Trained Insurance Adjusters


These people are paid by your insurance carrier to settle your claim in an equitable fashion.    Really?  

PLEASE be assured, they work for the carrier - NOT FOR YOU, and all they want is to close your file at the lowest dollar value possible.

Mysterious In-House Adjusters


Who are these nameless, faceless, in-house adjusters that seen so nice - at first?

Ask them about YOUR claim funding - your BFF shifts to sounding more like an  EX-spouse.

BLOG is the place to read more info.

Hundreds of Corporate Lawyers


There really are HUNDREDS of lawyers working directly for the insurance carriers.

No wonder the policies are nearly impossible to comprehend.  But, be assured, they wrote the policies and know every word.

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Your Claim Rights Will Expire


There are time limitations for every type of insurance claim, so be careful that you do not lose your claim rights due to timing.

Let's review your policy together and make sure you know the timing requirements.

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Would You Try This Alone?


Would you EVER do this for the first time without help?   Of course not.

But, every day, perfectly reasonable people assume that their insurance carrier is going to settle their claim quickly and fairly.

This is much like jumping without a parachute.

Lots of Adjuster Info on our BLOG.  

Win Together With All Weather


Having us assist you gives you a solid opportunity to receive the proper claim settlement.

Still plan to do this on your own?    One last time, at least speak to one of our claims specialist before you take it too far.

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Regardless of the claim - let's talk before you settle


We have been involved in over 25,000 claims

From flood and fire to total loss claims due to hurricanes - we've seen most everything.    

Talk to one of our claims managers before you attempt to manage this process alone.

Be Careful What You Say

Caution - any and everything you say to an insurance adjuster can damage your settlement opportunity.

DO NOT mislead them, and do not "fluff" the damage to make money on the claim.

We Are Prepared To Assist You

We speak their language, and use the same estimating software (Xactimate), so please allow us to assist you with your claim.

Blog Posts You Should Read

Several posts on our blog about how to manage a property damage claim and how to deal with the assigned adjuster.

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