How Much Do New Roofs Cost?

Retail Prices Are HIGH And Increasing Fast!

Budget about $4 Per Square Foot To Replace Your Roof.  Remember your roof footage can be 12-20% higher than your home's square footage.

Possibly File Insurance Claim

This can work with our assistance, assuming your roof has been damaged by a weather-related event.

Budget about $1 Per Square Foot (or your deductible amount)

My Strong Home

Finance your new Fortified HOME project and pay little to ZERO out-of-pocket.

Applicants' results will vary based on insurance and construction costs, but it costs $0 to apply for this amazing new program to FORTIFY your home.

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How We Get To Know Your Roof

Accurate Measurements

Using our Hover-inspired 3D program that we send to you, a 3-D model is created and measurements are sent back to us.  

Roofing Area Measurements

We will know the lengths and areas of your entire roof - all from the photos you took through the 3-D App.

Creating Your Estimate

While you are using the 3-D model to view all the various colors and styles, we are creating an estimate for your review.

Dozens of Shingle Options to Explore

How About This Look?

Possibly A New Color For Your Home?

Traditional - Hard To Go Wrong

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