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Leaky roof? Missing shingles? Damaged roof flashing? Looking for roof repairs?

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At All Weather Roofing we have a  specialized service van equipped with everything needed to perform your roof repairs. Quality materials and workmanship combined with roofing expertise ensures it is done right the first time. Roof maintenance plan is also available.

All Weather Roofing & Construction:

 +BBB - Accredited Business

+Fortified HOME - Certified Roofing Company

+Workers' Compensation Coverage & General Liability Coverage
+Home Builder's License - Licensed in all jurisdictions in Mobile and Baldwin Counties

All Weather Roofing does emergency roof repairs

Roof Repairs...how can we help?

First we inspect your roof damage and any roof leaks you may have. Afterwards we are able to provide you with a competitive estimate and fully equipped to do the repair job right away!

Emergency Roof Repairs

We understand that leaky roof can cause serious long-term damage. Please call us starting 6am to reach our scheduling department OR after-hours 24/7 in case of emergencies.


Tarp Service Available

Storms happen, intensifying roof damage, creating roof leaks. WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL. This is why we have tarp service available for extreme emergency roof repairs.

Roofing Repair Mobile Al

Roof Leaks


We will find the cause of your leaks and stop the leaks during our FIRST time on your roof.   

Roofing Repairs - Mobile, AL 

Damaged Shingles


We can quickly and easily replace damaged shingles.

We are a local roof repair contractor.

Call Us:  251. 220.2114 

Repair Flashing


This is probably the #1 source of leaks - either around a chimney or a wall area that meets the shingled roof area.

Roof Repair Service and local roofing contractor that services Mobile and Baldwin County, AL.

Chimney Leaks


Adding a cricket behind your chimney is the PERMANENT "fix" for leaks around your chimney.

All Weather specializes in finding and repairing roof leaks.  

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles

Our coastal area experiences high-winds on a near monthly basis, so 3-tab shingles are easily lifted by these winds.

Once the seal is broken, dirt and debris get under the shingle and keep it from every being properly sealed again.

Repairs Today


Once your roof begins leaking, you should have this addressed immediately. 

Nothing good can happen after water is inside your attic area, as the humidity and heat offer the ideal setting for mold and mildew to flourish.  

Local roof repair contractor and insurance specialists.  

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We Are Ready and Waiting

Our service teams gather at our office by 6 AM, and are ready to help stop your roof leaks - call now, phones answered 24/7.

All Weather Roofing

1172 West I-65 Service Road South, Mobile, Alabama 36609, United States

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Hours of Operation

Our phones are answered 24/7 so call us whenever you prefer.    Please be sure to leave your email address if that is the easiest way to communicate.

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