FREE MONEY From the Insurance Industry - REALLY?


$10,000 Grant Program

Strengthen Alabama Homes.   Is it REAL or not?  

Seems like a great idea, but the implementation has been lacking, at least.

Are you aware that YOU pay the difference between $10,000 and the cost of your new roof?


Something For Nothing?

Someone is going to GIVE YOU $10,000 with no strings attached - SERIOUSLY?

Are you aware that this "free money" could come to you as a TAXABLE event? 

Yes, you might receive a 1099 for the money you receive through this program.   Please Be Careful!

Let's talk about a REAL opportunity that could happen during 2018 - and not wait FOREVER for your FREE MONEY.


Grant Program

Impossible To Reach; "Be Patient" has been the message since September, 2017.

TIRED OF WAITING - Contact us to discuss solid opportunities to replace your roof with little to no out-of-pocket cost.

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up to $10,000 for FREE - What's the Catch?

Is This Real?


Yes, the Strengthen Alabama Homes program is real, and an estimated 1,000  people have received the grant money.

But, with a reported 9,000+ applicants, it's not likely that the program will have $90 MILLION to fund all the roofing projects.

Who Decides?


The program managers make ALL the decisions, and if you have tried to speak to them, you realize that communication is totally one-sided.

We have no suggestions other than to send an email to them and hope for a response.

Please review our BLOG articles on the Strengthen Alabama Homes program.

How Long Does It Take?


As with most any program involving a bureaucratic entity, even the "Express Lane" takes forever.

Rumor has it that "maybe sometime later in 2018' if you have already been approved; no timeline has been published for those wanting to make application. 

What Is A Good Alternative?


Do You Have A Valid Insurance Claim?

If you have replacement value coverage, as most people do, and your roof has been compromised by weather-related issues - TALK TO US about your situation before you do anything.

Check out our BLOG articles on insurance claims.


Inspections By Professionals

Please do not allow your insurance company's "employee" to inspect your roof without assistance from one of our trained (and often licensed insurance adjusters) roofing inspectors.    


Can I Do Both - Grant Money and Insurance Claim?

Absolutely NOT.    Do not even think about this idea.  

This would not be in keeping with your Strengthen Ala Homes application.

What you can do is drop-out of the grant program and get your roof installed THIS MONTH, and not wait months or years for the "FREE MONEY" program.   

Let's Talk About Your Next Roof