House Struck By Lightning

Scary And Costly

We have seen several homes that were struck by lightning, and heard the homeowners' comments about the sounds from a direct strike.    Scary, indeed.

It is also likely that the damages extend to your appliances, computers and anything else plugged-in at the time.

You need assistance from an experienced adjuster - one that can assist you through the process that ends with a fair settlement for your damages.

Mitigate The Damages

Your insurance carrier will expect to hear that you have done everything possible to protect your home AFTER the lightning strike.

We can install temporary tarps, cover any visible damages and prepare an estimate of your damages.

Call us to discuss your lightning damage.

Tree Fell On Your House? You Need Assistance!

Cover The Damaged Area

This can be dangerous - please allow us to assist with making sure the damaged area is covered.

Tree removal and disposal can get expensive, so be careful what you commit to BEFORE your insurance company is involved.  

Call Your Insurance Company

They will want to know what you know - when did it happen, what areas of your home were damaged, and if you can stay at home or need temporary housing.

They will schedule an adjuster to get to your home quickly, so make arrangements to meet him/her - but, NOT by yourself.

Mitigate The Damages

We have the people that are prepared to access your roof and safely install tarps or make temporary repairs to protect your home from further damage.

Please - do not climb your roof unless you have the necessary safety equipment.  

Prepare For Adjuster

Your adjuster will be friendly, but remember he works for your insurance company - not for you.    

We can assist you with the initial conversations.   It's important to know what to say, and what NOT to say, to an adjuster.

Discuss Your Losses With Us

The goal is to receive a fair settlement for your losses - not to play games with your insurance carrier.

Make a list of everything that was damaged, including your best estimate of how much it will cost to replace.

We Will Assist With the Adjuster

We speak the "adjuster's language," and even use the same estimating software (Xactimate) that he/she will be using to estimate the repair / replacement costs.

We will assist you in preparing an estimate that WE agree is fair, then assist you with negotiations if there are any conflicts.